At RAZA, we don’t just teach dance steps; we create unforgettable moments. It’s where music becomes movement and passion transforms into tangible energy.

Joining the RAZA family opens the door to a world of boundless rhythm and fun. Our passionate instructors are ready to guide you at every step, regardless of your level of experience. Here, everyone is welcomed and treated as part of something bigger.

Every class is an opportunity to uncover your potential, make new friends, and immerse yourself in a community that shares your love for dance. It’s not just a lesson; it’s an experience that will inspire you to move, to grow, and to connect with your true self.

So, are you ready to join the RAZA family and turn every step into an unforgettable moment? The stage is set for you!


Our vision is to provide our students with quality classes led by professional instructors, both in groups and individually, where we address the needs of each person based on their abilities and personal goals. This will enable our students to develop their rhythmic and body expression skills, allowing them to dance with confidence at social events. At the same time, our students will receive training in physical culture and health from highly competitive dancers. We aim to create a space where the passion for dance merges with health care, shaping complete and self-assured dancers. Thus, each of our students will not only grow as a dancer but also as an individual, carrying these skills and values into all aspects of their lives.

Susan De Beras

Born and raised in the Dominican Republic. Susan is a renowned professional dancer, choreographer and teacher of tropical dances, such as Dominican bachata, merengue and On2 style salsa in the Dominican Republic and internationally with more than 8 years of experience.

Carlos Gomez

Born and raised in the city of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Carlos is a professional dancer, choreographer, entertainer, teacher of Afro-Caribbean rhythms such as bachata, salsa and merengue with more than 12 years of experience. Trained in folk dances and Afro-descendants in the Dominican Republic and Cuba. 

Our Happy Clients!

Apollonia Ellis

Awwww it’s the @razadancestudio band!!! I admire this group so much!!! First time I saw Susan in real life (not on IG) was on DBF!!! Then I found out she moved to Arkansas, brought her partner and opened a dance studio and I was like yasssss Arkansas!!! I’m jelly!!!!! I noticed they were on the LATBF itinerary and my mouth dropped open because I saw Yernan and his partner I was like you have to be shy I follow him on IG!!! You have to understand that for us who love traditional bachata social media is our motivator and teacher because it’s where we follow all of our favorite instructors since it’s not available in most dance communities!!!!! I was so inspired by this group that has come to the US from the Dominican Republic, opened their own business and are teaching us the amazing gift of bachata. @razadancestudio deserves all the accolades and I will always be supporting them from 1,000s of miles away or maybe 100s idk I’m not good with math and distance as I really love them and thank you for the amazing workshops, dances, and hugs!

Terry Card

I love what you are doing for the Latin dance community!

Angela Hills

The RAZA dance studio is a gem. All of the instructors (Carlos, Susan, Linna and Yernan) are extremely talented and help people of all ages and abilities. If you are interested in learning Latin dance, RAZA is where it’s at.

Come and join us!


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